No one goes to a bar just for the ambiance. They go for a refreshing drink that has as much flavor, as it does “kick.” At Matt and John’s Gametime Sports Bar, we have plenty of adult beverages that are sure to wet your whistle. Best of all, they don’t break the bank, so you are able to order without counting the bills in your wallet. So, don’t worry about your tab, you are getting quality drinks for an affordable price.
Our cocktails are made by our finest and created to be delicious and amplify your time at our bar. Whether you are at our bar to kick back after a long day, or catch a big game, our bar is here for your enjoyment. Being an adult is hard. But one of the perks of being an adult is there are many ways to take the edge off. The most popular of cures: liquor.

Our Cocktails

Our cocktail menu does adapt and change with the times, but some cocktails are built to last. However, if you are feeling adventurous, Matt and John’s bar menu has no lack of imagination. Each of our bartenders are trained to learn both the classics and the craziest of cocktails. The following is a preview of our more iconic concoxions.

Angry Balls

Chilled Angry Orchard Pint w/ a Touch of FireBall $6.50

Oh yeah, so angry. While your twelve-year-old brain takes over and giggles over the name of this drink, every sip of this sweet-and-spicy cocktail is like a giant kick to the crotch of flavor. Angry Balls has the tangy-bubbliness of apple ale, mixed with the volatile fury of Fireball cinnamon whisky. If you like a smooth drink that is sure to give you pure savory pleasure, this little mixture would be the ticket.

Sour Apple Tequila

Cuervo Silver, Sour Apple Pucker, Fresh Lime, Splash Sprite, Rocks $6.00

Sour, sweet, and pure savage — this drink is not for the faint of heart. When sour apple flavoring is put into any cocktail, it is falsely called a “sissy drink.” Anyone who has ever said that, hasn’t tried our drink. Right when you underestimate it, pure Cuervo Silver goodness punches you right in the face. Do yourself a favor and don’t underestimate the power of a sour apple drink.

GameTime’s Famous, ‘Digger’

Absolut Peppar, House Recipe Clamato Mix, Nathan’s ‘Famous’ Sweet Horseradish Pickle, Olive, Fresh Ground Black Pepper $6.50

GameTime is proud to serve our ‘Digger’ drink. This version of a classic Bloody Mary, takes a sharp turn and adds potent flavors to a timeless drink. In our version, we use Absolut Peppar vodka and let it blend with our house-made clamato mix. Paired with a sweet horseradish pickle, an olive, and ground black pepper, you are left face-to-face with a Bloody Mary, that is all grown up.

Salted Nut Roll

RumChata, Frangelico & Buttershots Shot with a Salted Rim $4.50

Nut up, because the Salted Nut Roll packs a lot of kick for a such a small drink. In this magical mixture, we infuse creamy RumChata with Frangelico hazelnut liqueur. Together this unstoppable pair, is blended with a buttershot, to make an incredible power-house of flavor. To put it simply, this drink is deliciousness put into shot-size.

‘Merica Mule

Tito’s Vodka, American-Made Ginger Beer, Fresh Lime in a Copper Mug $5.50

Land of the free, home of the mule. Our ‘Merica Mule is joy, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness in one copper mug. Despite what you may think, Moscow Mules do not originate from Mother Russia. Nope, they were invented right here, under stars and stripes. At GameTime, we changed up the recipe a bit by substituting Smirnoff with Tito’s vodka. The mixture between Tito’s and our American-made ginger beer makes for a drink that would have made Washington cry. With a fresh lime and the unmistakable copper mug, our Mule is truly like no other. God Bless the Mule.