What makes a bar special is the drinks it sells. At Matt and John’s Gametime Sports bar, we provide our customers with year-round drink specials. We do this because we want the people who come into our bar to relax and have a good time. Part of the thrill of watching a game is to have a drink in your hand.

At our bar, we believe that a good time should be had by all, which is why we offer such a large range of different specials on a variety of drinks.

 Budweiser AKA The Red & White Dynamite:

At our bar, a “Bud” is ALWAYS $2.50 (can/btl). Why? Because Budweiser is both Matt and John’s drink of choice. Due to its popularity and patriotic deliciousness, any can or bottle of Budweiser is constantly the same price. So, if you are wanting to drink a Bud, or as Matt and John call them “The Red & White Dynamite”, you are always welcome to our bar!

$3 Premium Wells

If you have had a rough day, a rough game, or just need a drink stronger than beer, we have a ton of drinks that will do the trick. At Matt and John’s our premium well selections are all $3. So, if life has thrown you a couple of curve balls, there is nothing a bit of tequila can’t fix. Among our brands we carry:

  • Tanqueray
  • Jose Cuervo Silver
  • Bacardi Silver
  • Black Velvet
  • Tito’s

Happy Hour:

Happy Hour doesn’t have to start at 5: we are proof of that. At Matt and John’s, we believe happy hour can start as early as 3pm. If the week is treating you a little rough, or the big game is right after work, come by Monday-Friday between 3-6pm. If you make it during these times we take off $0.50 every drink with booze in it.

Reverse Happy Hour:

The beginning of the week can be just as stressful, or even more stressful. Well, we provide the antidote: liquor. If your week has you questioning your life or this Sunday Night Football calls for a little more celebration, come by between Sunday-Wednesday from 9-Midnight. If you make it through our doors during this time window anything with booze in it is $0.50 off.

Whether you are watching a big game, chatting with friends after work, or just need time with a pint, Matt and John’s bar is always here to provide you the very best in beverages. Come on by!