• Six HD Televisions inside
  • One 60” 4K HD Television on Patio
  • DirecTV – M.L.B. Extra Innings, NFL Sunday Ticket & just about any other game you can imagine
  • Bimini Ring Toss – (Tiki Toss, Ring the Bull, Hook & Ring) Bimini Ring Toss
  • Giant ‘Jenga’ Drinking Block Game
  • Multicade Video Game – 52 Atari Era Classics on one machine
  • 3 Casino Style Ticket Machines – “Diamond Red Collection”, “Captain Jack” & “Sizzlin’ Sevens”

Cookies and milk, peanut and jelly, and sports and liquor; all of these are iconic duos that we could not envision one without the other. At Matt and John’s Gametime Sports Bar, we have plenty of games to watch and liquor for you to drink. One of the aspects we pride ourselves on most, is that our bar provides customers with a truly one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Not only do we offer customers to partake in televised sports, but we also support our own gaming experiences within the bar.

Within our bar, customers are free to play ring games, such as Tiki Toss, Ring the Bull, Hook and Ring, and mini Ring Toss. Aside from our ring games, customers can also have fun playing with our giant ‘Jenga’ set. However, our game of Jenga is a little different than the classic game you may have grown up playing. This form of Jenga has an adult twist, as it primarily is a drinking game. Sit around the table with your friends and play an exciting game of Jenga and get a secret drinking demand underneath each piece.

Gametime also has a multicade video game center and three casino-style ticket machines. So, whether you want to play at the slots or watch a game, we have you covered.

And, if you would like to socialize while watching the game, Matt and John’s has six HD televisions, with DirecTV. Catch any major basketball, football, hockey, and baseball games you would like.

If you are craving a little fresh air, our sports bar also comes with a 60 inch HD television installed in our patio area.


If you are looking for a good time with your family and friends, while appreciating sports, our sports bar is perfect for you. A viewing experience like ours is rare to come by. So, if there is a highly anticipated game you are looking forward to, stop by our bar.