No one who ever did karaoke walked away without a smile. If that is not reason enough to come to our bar and try to work out your singing muscles, maybe a little liquor from our well-stocked bar will encourage you further. At Matt and John’s Gametime Sports Bar, we offer highly karaoke opportunities for all ages. We are a very inclusive bar, which means that we offer the mike to anybody — yes anybody. So, if you want to belt out a Bette Midler ballad or jam out to an 80s classic, our bar would be the place to be.

Also, if singing isn’t your ‘thing’, perhaps listening to other people playing music would suit you better. Our bar is an avid supporter of the arts, which is why we offer up our stage to local artists and musical acts. No matter the genre of music, or if you are a band or solo artist, our stage is calling you!

At our bar, we believe music is a great way to lighten the mood and connect the community. If your sound wants to be heard, our audience is compiled of all walks of life that are ready to listen to you perform. If you are interested in scheduling your act, contact our bar managers. We would be happy to pencil you in for a musical gig.

After all, some of the best musicians made their way to stardom from small bar gigs, just like ours. Matt and John’s audience members are kind and polite. If you are looking for a place to perform, you won’t find a better venue. Also, once you are finished, belly-up to the bar and have yourself a beverage to catch a game. If you are interested in this kind of experience, contact our business managers today.

MidNight Devil’s Band

Friday, March 23rd

9pm – 1am