Here at Matt & John’s Game Time Sports Bar, it’s safe to say that we love all sports! Of course, there are classic American sports that everyone knows and loves like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. But when you’re in the mood to get really fired up and be a crazy fan, sometimes plain old football just doesn’t cute it.

We’ve put together a list of some of the coolest, most epic, hardest sports that Americans rarely hear of, let alone play.

Chess Boxing

This sport invented in 2003 requires both brain and brawn on the part of its players. The game is played in 11 rounds alternating between traditional chess and traditional boxing, starting with a round of chess. Each round lasts 3 minutes until there’s either a checkmate or a knockout. The players must strategize and be able to make critical, analytical decisions during high-intensity bursts. As of today, this sport has become popular among women in rural India who are looking to challenge stereotypical culture roles.


A current prospect for the 2020 Olympics, this Nordic sport was first played in the 1970s. To us, floorball is best described as an intense hybrid between lacrosse and hockey. It requires insanely accurate hand-eye coordination to maintain control of the ball while avoiding other players. We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to see this crazy sport join the Olympic ranks next year.


Ever wanted to play hockey but under water??? Octopush is gonna be your new sport obsession, we promise. Discovered in 1954, players wear snorkel gear, swimming cap, a glove and flippers to push a puck across the bottom of the pool with a short stick. Two teams of six play against each other, trying to score the puck into their goal on the opposite end of the pool. The game is timed into two halves of 10–20 minutes each, depending on the league. Strategy formations also vary depending on the country, for example, the New Zealand Octopush team is known for their 2-2-2 box formation.

Swamp Soccer

Most Americans look forward to watching soccer like we look forward to a hot beer on a summer’s day — not at all. Do you know what makes soccer much more interesting? A muddy field! Swamp soccer follows all the same rules and regulations of actual soccer with the added twist of a muddy, heavy, gooey, uneven playing field. Players have to lift their knees to run across the field and usually finish out the game covered head to toe in mud.

Sepak Takraw

Talk about flexibility! Sepak Takraw is a lot like our volleyball, expect players may not use their hands under any circumstances. Native to Southeast Asia, players kick and flip a medium sized twine ball over a net back and forth. Also known as footvolley, kick twine, takraw, and sepak raga, this sport is very different from the “kickball” game we’re most familiar with.


A traditional Indian contact sport, Kabaddi is deeply rooted in the culture of India, even with folklore of Krishna even playing in his youth. There are two widely recognized styles, “circle style” which is played on a circular outdoor court and “standard style” which is played indoors on a rectangular court. The court is divided in half and a member from one team attempts to run to the other half, tag as many opposing team members as possible, and return safely to his team’s half of the court without being tagged or tackled — all in one breath!


We saved the most exciting looking one for last! Bossaball is a game that originated in Spain and allows players to touch the ball with either a “volley touch” (using their hands) or a “soccer touch” (using their feet). Commonly played outside on the beach, the court requires a lot of space considering it is made of an inflatable bouncy floor with trampolines in the center for the setters. Players must bounce, flip, kick, hit, and spike the ball over the net to each other without letting it hit the floor on their side.

We hope you enjoyed learning about these new games as much as we did! Regardless of where you are in the world, sports are always sure to provide a constant source of entertainment. Are you looking for a relaxed place to go, chill out, and enjoy sports while drinking some Red & White Dynamite? You’re more than welcome at Matt & John’s Game Time Sports Bar! We understand what it means to be in a great atmosphere with great people.