Our Gametime Bar

We are proud to have our doors open to the people of Iowa. At our bar, you are sure to get excellent drinks and an unforgettable watching experience. Our business is equipped with seven HD TVs that will allow you to watch your favorite team in the best way possible — surrounded by flat screens. We also pride ourselves on the environment that we give our customers. Here, at our bar, you will be able to soak in the ambiance and experience sports in a whole new way. We are a humble bar, and we don’t serve caviar and champagne. Instead of those things, you will get something better — laughs and the joy of being a spectator. Matt and John’s was built on the idea that some people would need a space to kick back and enjoy their favorite drinks, while enjoying ‘their team.’ Whether it is for Sunday night football to the World Cup, we have all the sports games you want to watch and more!

Featured Cocktails

There is a reason why people come back to our bar, and it isn’t the karaoke. Our cocktail menu is truly something to behold and even better to taste. We have skilled bartenders on staff that know how to do their job well and can present you with delicious cocktails that you are sure to enjoy. So, whether you are looking for something sweet, sour, or both, we have a drink for everyone.
Best of all, our cocktail menu changes, as we have our mixologists come up with new drinks every so often. If you are looking for a drink that is smooth to the taste, but packs a punch, our cocktail menu has something for you. Our drinks, from ‘Angry Balls’ to the ‘Digger’ are sure to take the edge off of your day and offer you a bit of relaxation. And if you aren’t feeling like a cocktail doesn’t fit the bill, you can choose from our collection of beers and hard liquors.

Sports and Beer: A Magical Combination

For a sports fan, beer is one of the best beverages to drink. For one, beer is light, tasty, and isn’t going to get you too drunk. When it comes to hard liquor, a little does a long way. Beer provides a chilled, thirst-quenching beverage that is sure to please when watching any major sports event. In fact, during Super Bowl LI in 2017, Americans drank over 325 million gallons of brew. This may seem like a lot, but actually, 111 million people tuned into the game and cooperated in a celebratory beer. Our bar is one of the best places to catch a game, like the Super Bowl. If you are wanting an incredible bar to witness a game from multiple televisions, cheering fans, and a glass full of brew, our bar would be it!

Happy Hour

Aside from major sporting events, Americans still consume a large amount of alcohol. Part of the reason for this is a marketing tool called happy hour. During the hours of 4 to 6 pm, local bars and breweries will give happy hour drink deals to their customers. The idea behind this sale is to bring in more customers at the end of a workday. At Matt and John’s, we pride ourselves on the quality of our happy hour. Not only do our customers get amazing drink deals, but happy hour is when our bar really comes to life.

Matt and John’s Gametime Sports Bar

All are welcome at our bar. No matter what team you are cheering for, our doors are always open for those who would like to support their team. At our bar, games run all day long and aren’t restricted to a specific league, sport, or even country. No matter whether you want to watch American football to Premier League soccer, our bar has it all! There is nothing like finishing a day of work and relaxing to the sounds of a sporting event, while sipping on your favorite beverage. At Matt and John’s, our bar encourages customers to have a good time and enjoy the moment. If you are looking for a relaxed bar to experience a sports game, Matt and John’s is the place to be. Visit us today!