Watch the Game at a Local Sports Bar

In our last blog, we discussed the positive benefits of going to your local bar to catch up on your favorite teams, rather than a stadium. Though stadium spectatorship can be fun, there are obvious reasons why a local bar watch-experience can be better. We will continue our list of reasons why local bars are better than stadiums in this blog. And, we will also offer you an excellent location to catch up on all your favorite games.

Why are Bars Better?

Local bars are better than stadiums because you don’t have to deal with parking fees, crowds, and expensive foods. All of these factors we talked about in our last blog. If you are interested in reading the first part of this blog, please click here.
Though we have touched on some of the positive aspects of a local sports lounge watch experience, there are still more reasons to enjoy a bar rather than a stadium to watch your favorite team.

Bars are Cleaner

This one might be hard to believe, but your local sports lounge is definitely cleaner that your city’s stadium. Public bathrooms are definitely more dirty than bar bathrooms, as they are used by more people in a shorter amount of time. And, stadium bathroom janitors aren’t always able to stay on top of their bathrooms. That means that stadium bathrooms are rarely ever cleaned thoroughly or have their toilet paper and hand towels replenished. Though any local dive bar might appear to be a bit on the dirty side, that isn’t always the case. For example, your local bar is a place of business that thrives on their customer’s experience. If you, the customer, are enjoying yourself, you are more likely to stay and spend money. However, your local stadium does not require you to stay in the stadium and therefore has less motivation to ensure that you have the best experience. For instance, you have already bought your game ticket and bought your hotdog and beer; you have already supported the stadium, therefore, they don’t have to work as hard to keep your business. But, a bar lounge needs its customers to stay and have a good time.

Bars are Less Noisy (Sometimes)

Bars, despite what you might think, are less noisy than stadiums. Think about it, stadiums are packed with thousands of cheering fans. This noise and excitement are part of the reason some people prefer stadium spectatorship. But, if you value your eardrums, you will see the value in watching the game from a stool at your local sports lounge instead.
Sports lounges are only able to fit a certain number of people in their bar before hitting a maximum capacity. Because of this, it is important to remember that your local sports lounge can offer you a more intimate watch-experience. Though, of course, it may get a bit noisy during major scores or plays, the noise levels of a bar will not nearly compare to the roar of stadium cheers.

Bars Give You More Space

Bars give you more personal space than a stadium. If you have ever been in a sports stadium, you will know that fans can be packed into a row of plastic seats like sardines. With only a few feet to yourself, you are likely to rub shoulders with a complete stranger. This unavailability of space can be obnoxious for two reasons. The first is that social norms call for at least a few feet of space between strangers at all times. In a stadium, you are not given the luxury of multiple feet of space — you are lucky to get three feet of space! With this being said, in a stadium, it is naturally uncomfortable because you are packed in with strangers that can be loud, smelly, or even intoxicated. Worse, you could be sitting next to a person that is all three of these things at once, which almost always leads to an altercation of some kind. Even if you are not the one initiating a fight, drunk and loud fans encourage fist-a-cuffs most of the time.
In a bar, though brawls do happen, they are less common, as bouncers are nearby to stop a fight or throw problematic customers out of the bar. But, in a stadium, security can be busy trying to ensure that the stadium is safe from other dangers, such as people sneaking into the stadium, bomb threats, and so much more.


Aside from not giving you enough space, stadiums aren’t as accessible as you may think. Though stadiums are mandated to have elevators and designated disabled seating, both are reserved for people with serious disabilities. If you have a small knee injury or a pain in your back, stadium staff will still expect you to walk down or up dozens of stairs to get to your seat. Regardless of how much you paid for your ticket, you are still expected to trek up or down stairs. This can be problematic, and even painful for some, especially people with serious physical injuries. At a local sports lounge, you will generally be able to avoid walking up or down stairs. And, any physical injury that you might have can be addressed. For example, at Matt & John’s Gametime Sports Bar, we can offer comfortable seating to all of our customers. Sports lounges can offer a level of convenience that stadiums just cannot offer. At a local bar, you can sit where you want, enjoy the drinks you want, and enjoy your time sitting in a comfortable seat.

Matt & John’s Gametime Sports Bar

At Matt & John’s Gametime Sports Bar, we offer our customers an unforgettable watch experience. At our sports lounge, we offer delicious beverages with excellent service. Aside from offering affordable drinks to watch your favorite team, we offer comfortable seating in a single-level structure. That means no stairs, no crowds, and easy access to your seat.
If you are interested in watching your favorite teams in a comfortable way, visit our bar today. We have kind and caring staff interested in making your watch-experience better and convenient!