Father’s Day: A History

Back in 1966, President Lyndon B Johnson issued a proclamation honoring fathers. He assigned the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day. Just as mothers have their day in May, fathers too are celebrated in American households. Though President Johnson issued the proclamation, the holiday did not become permanent until President Nixon signed it into law in 1972.
Though the American history of Father’s Day is fairly recent, the European continent has been honoring fathers for centuries. In Catholic Europe, Father’s Day was celebrated on March 19th since the Middle Ages. Within the Catholic Church, Father’s Day originated as a celebration of the “father” or God, as well as the patriarchy of every household. Today, Father’s Day is celebrated as a day honoring fathers and their contributions to their families.

So, what does this holiday mean?

What’s It About?

Much like the other parental holiday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is a day to honor the father-figure in your life. Everyone has some sort of supportive father-type figure in their life; whether that figure is your father, step-father, uncle, or even your mother. Anyone who has had a profound influence on your life could be honored on father’s day.

The First Father’s Day

The first Father’s Day celebration occurred on July 5, 1908, in Fairmont, West Virginia. The day was actually met with great sorrow, as 361 men in the Monongah, West Virginia community were killed in a mining accident. Of the 361 men that died, 250 of them were fathers, which left hundreds of children fatherless. Grace Golden Clayton, one of the mourners, suggested that the Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, honor all of the lost fathers with an official day.

How to Celebrate?

Though the origins of the American Father’s Day celebration is grim, today it is a celebration of life, family, and support. Now more than ever father’s are taking more active roles in raising their children, which helps them foster even stronger bonds with their families. One of the best ways to celebrate the father-figure in your life is by spending time with them. Life can get busy, and you can easily lose sight of what is important. On Father’s Day, you can send your father a well-thought-out gift or even just give him a phone call —though a face-to-face meeting would be much more meaningful.
If you father-figure enjoys sports, delicious drinks, and fun people, taking him to your local sports bar could be an ideal father’s day outing. At our bar lounge, you can sit and chat with each other, and possibly gain some important insights about life. Father’s are meant to be guiding figures in your life. By allowing them to sit and drink with you, you both will gain more knowledge about the other.

Matt and John’s Gametime Sports Bar

Bonding with the father-figure in your life is important. No matter if the relationship is linked by blood-relations or not, a father is a guiding and supportive figure in your life. You could learn a lot from your father and Father’s Day is the perfect day to gain knowledge. If you are looking for a comfortable place to drink a beer with your dad, Matt and John’s Gametime Sports Bar is it! Come by and visit.