How to Cure a Hangover: Part One

Here, at Matt and John’s Gametime Sports Bar, we care about our customers. So much so, that we have developed this blog to help you conquer your hangovers. Drinking has the best and worst to offer humanity. On one side, drinking is extremely fun and helps you take the edge off of a trying week, month, year, etc. At the same time, too much fun can be a bad thing and result in a hangover that will have you questioning your life decisions.
In this blog, we have constructed seven cures for your hangovers so you can continue to function after a night of slinging back drinks. After all, what fun is having fun if you can’t function the next day? Well, here are our cures! Best of luck to you!

Don’t Drink.

We can’t write this one with a straight face. Sorry, but as we choke back giggles, we can tell you with certainty that this is the best and most definite way to cure your hangovers. Simply resisting the urge to pick up a glass of alcohol will significantly reduce your hangovers and limit the effects on you. But, not many of us can live a completely dry lifestyle. Unfortunately, drinking is just too fun to pass up and many of us cannot say no to a cold draft beer or a fruity cocktail.

Drink Good Ol’ H2O

If you cannot resist the temptation of liquor, at least drink water while you are drinking. Water will help hydrate you while you are drinking. But, why is it so important to drink water while you are drinking? Well, alcohol is a natural diuretic, which means that it dehydrates you and affects your blood-alcohol levels. If you are drinking in the night and expect to drive, you will need to drink water. However, water should not be mistaken for a magic substance that cures “drunkenness.” If you are drinking a lot of alcohol in a small window of time, the drunker you will be. Though water can hydrate you, that doesn’t mean it will sober you up. Water only reduces the symptoms of a headache in the morning, after your night of drinking. Be sure to understand the difference between what helps a hangover and what sobers you up. The best way to stay sober is not to drink, but the best way to cure a hangover is to drink plenty of water while you are drinking alcohol.

A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps the Vomit Stay Down

Though Mary Poppins’ spoonful of sugar wasn’t meant to cure a hangover, it has proven effective. Studies have shown that a spike in fructose levels may speed alcohol metabolism in your body. However, this is only effective if you are drinking sugar with your alcoholic beverages. If you are going to drink, fruity, sugary cocktails are the best way to drink and resist a bad hangover. We know, that doesn’t seem correct. After all, isn’t it the opposite? Sugary drinks cause the hangovers, right? That’s true — to a point. If you are drinking sugary cocktails, without drinking water, you will have a hangover. However, your hangover will be significantly less than drinking, say, several shots of brown liquor. If you drink liquor with sugary substances, like orange juice, the sugar reacts to the alcohol differently in your stomach and shortens the metabolism of alcohol. This means that the alcohol won’t linger and make you significantly hungover the next morning. Keep in mind that this method only works if you are drinking the sugar with the alcohol and you aren’t downing Tequila Sunrises like they are going out of style. Regardless of how much sugar is in a drink, there is still alcohol in it, which means it will still dehydrate you, inebriate you, and can give you a hangover the next morning.

Grease Lightning

Though a spoonful of sugar isn’t useful before the party, a spoonful of oil is. A longstanding remedy for a hangover is by swallowing a spoonful of oil right before a night of drinking. Why? Well, grease is very useful putting down a protective coat in the intestines. This way, when you drink, it will take the alcohol longer to absorb in your stomach. This means, you won’t be as drunk and will be able to handle your liquor.
If you don’t have a bottle of oil nearby, settle for a cheeseburger or a pizza. Either one is rich with oil and fat that will line your stomach. Some party-goers like to call this a “bread-base.” Eating is highly recommended if you are going to drink. Eating solid, greasy food will help your stomach take in alcohol. If you don’t eat before you drink, you can easily become drunker, faster, and you might vomit.
So, the best thing you can possibly do for yourself is “suck it up” and down a bit of oil before a rowdy night. It will be “lightning” fast and it will save you an intense hangover the next morning. Your future self will thank you, we promise.

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