How to Cure a Hangover: Part Two

In the first part of this series, we discussed how to cure nasty hangovers. If you have ever had a bit too much to drink, you probably can reminisce about the time you woke up with a hangover. Well, at Matt & John’s Gametime Sports Bar, we believe it is our duty to help our customers find solutions to their hangovers. In the second part of this blog series, we are going to offer some more antidotes to your hangovers in the hopes that the morning after a night of fun won’t make you feel like it is the end of the world.
Hangovers are never fun experiences. For one, your head and body ache, and you probably have a bit of regret buzzing around in your head. But don’t worry, we have all been there! The important thing is not to worry about your hangover and treat it right away with some remedies you know will work.

Orange Elixir of Life

Pedialyte is typically marketed for children, but that doesn’t mean that only children drink it. Pedialyte is an oral electrolyte solution that can help “grown adults” rehydrate their bodies after a night of painting the town red. When you have a hangover, it means that your body is too dehydrated. The key to helping your hangover is to replenish the nutrients it is missing after a night of drinking. Pedialyte, or as some consider it, the “Orange Elixir of Life,” works to help replenish your body after a night of drinking booze.
It is no secret that alcohol is dehydrating, which is all the more reason to drink water before, during, and after you have been drinking. However, if the thought of drinking water is just too unbearable for you, you can always sip on something that is high in electrolytes, such as Pedialyte or Gatorade. Pedialyte has a much larger following for curing hangovers than Gatorade. However, in a pinch, both will work just fine. Though both solutions won’t completely cure a hangover, this drink can cure dehydration and can limit the severity of your hangover.

Cures From The East

Red ginseng is a native root of Korea, and recent research has found that this plant can actually limit the effects of a hangover. Though the research hasn’t been fully supported by everyone in the scientific community, there has been evidence of the root clearing alcohol byproducts from the blood of animals. Of course, this isn’t the easiest root to find, which can make it a bit of a problematic cure. And, the root is known to help hangovers, but not cure them. So, if you were hoping that this magical Asian root would solve all your hangover problems, you are sorely mistaken.

If You’re in a Pickle

When you are hungover, two things can cross your mind. First, you may wonder why you drank so much in the first place. Second, you might think about how you can make the throbbing of your head go away. So, while you are writhing around with your hangover, you should remember that pickle juice can help you relieve some of the pain. Of course, as you are probably nauseous, on top of suffering from body aches, this solution might not sound too desirable.
But, despite the smell and the taste of pickle juice, it can be a cure for a hangover. It is a little-known fact that pickle juice can replenish the salts lost during alcohol consumption and boosts hydration in the body with electrolytes. Though this is considered an incredible hangover aid, many people who have attempted to use this solution can’t make it past the first sip before dry heaving. Even the strongest stomach can bend a knee to the salty-sour taste of pickle juice.

Sweat Out the Poison

Drinking is fun. But, there are consequences if you drink in excess. For instance, pounding down shots will lead up the moment when your head is pounding and you feel like the world is ending. We promise it is not. If you get up and move around, your hangover is sure to feel a bit better. It may seem like working out is the last thing you should do while still shaky, you should still entertain the idea. When you work out, you can sweat and release some of the toxins in your body. Though alcohol can be fun to drink, it still has plenty of chemicals that aren’t good for your body. Working out, releasing those toxins, and replenishing your body with plenty of water are some of the best ways to cure your hangover.

Namaste in Bed

Of course, if you are a less proactive person, staying in bed is also a great way to cure your hangover. Instead of struggling with human interaction, staying in bed and taking a long nap will most certainly help to get rid of your hangover.

Hair of the Dog

There is a saying, “like cures like,” which means sometimes the cure for something is more of the same thing. With alcohol, this is somewhat correct. If you are struggling with a hangover, more alcohol can smooth over the pain you are feeling. This is called “Hair of the dog that bit you” or shortened to “Hair of the Dog.” If you are feeling hangover, try a fruit cocktail or a Bloody Mary to lift your spirits, literally.

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