Celebrate the Fourth of July Right

In America, we celebrate the day of our independence on the fourth of July. This, purely American holiday, is a day when we pay tribute to the brave founding mothers and father of early America — as well as those who still fight today to keep our country free. This year, fourth of July lands on a Wednesday. This awkward placement in the middle of the week can make it difficult for full-time workers to take off and enjoy the holiday. But, just because the holiday is in the middle of the week, does not mean that the holiday can go uncelebrated. Instead of traveling to a lake or a river to celebrate America’s independence, you may have to stay in town in order to be ready for work the next morning.
Though the timing of the holiday can be an absolute buzzkill, there are other things you can do to honor your country. For one, you can stay in town and support your local businesses. If you have the fourth of July off, you might as well help out the locals in your area who have their businesses open on the holiday.

Matt and John’s Gametime Sports Bar

In the middle of the day or at night on the fourth, you may want to sip on your favorite beverage. At Matt and John’s Gametime Sports Bar, we have a diverse menu of cocktails, as well as beers on tap. No matter what you are craving, we are sure to have something that is satisfactory. And, while you are sipping on your beverage, our seven HD TV’s can connect you to the world of sports. A holiday is about relaxing and enjoying your time, our bar can certainly help you do both.

’Merica Mule

Because we are a hot-blooded American bar, we pay homage to our country in multiple ways. One of the ways we celebrate our nationality is with our cocktail beverage the ‘Merica Mule. This drink is our version of a Moscow Mule. So, if you are looking to drink a refreshing beverage in the hot July sunshine, our ‘Merica Mule will definitely hit the spot.

What’s in it?

Well, our mule has a little change up from your basic Moscow Mule. Instead of using Smirnoff vodka, we use all-American Tito’s vodka. We also use American-made ginger beer as well. Instead of sipping on an original mule, you can pay your respects to the land of the free and home of the brave with our ‘Merica Mule.

Happy Hour Drink Deals

Best of all, you can enjoy your mule with a few cents off during our happy hour drink deals and reverse happy hour specials. During our regularly scheduled happy hour, Monday to Friday, you can enjoy any booze and beer for $.50 off. During our reverse happy hour we give you $.50 off Monday to Wednesday, from nine to midnight.

Sports Bar for the Stars and Stripes

If you are interested in honoring your country in an all-American way, stop by our sports bar and pull up a bar stool. We are happy to serve you on the day of our independence!