Everything You Will Ever Want to Know About Fantasy Football

Since the beginning of sports, people have wanted to bet on teams, spectate, and make money. Fantasy Football is a collection of all these things, wrapped up into one. Part of what makes the National Football League such a lucrative business is that it thrives on competition. For example, if you are a Bears fan, you probably aren’t a Patriots fan as well. Football fans are naturally territorial and use their teams as their own badges of honor. Fantasy football leagues are able to tap into this sense of pride and create a game within the leagues’ weekly football games.
In this blog, we are going to give you all the information you would ever want to know about the Fantasy Football Franchise. From this blog, you will get to know how the league works, what you can learn from the league, the history of the league, and some of the legal issues the franchise has had in the past.

All of this information can be vital for your fantasy season! Stay tuned!

How It Works

Fantasy football is nearly a year-round game that requires focus, study, and strategy. From the beginning of August, to the first day of the NFL season, you should be on the lookout for players for your team. But, what is YOUR team?
In the NFL, regions choose specific teams to follow. But, in the fantasy league, you play the role of a team owner. This means you get to choose the name of your team, as well as who plays on your team. The season begins from the first day of the season (September 5th) to the last day of the league (sometime in February). Each week, you have the ability to set a lineup of starters from your roster. Once you have organized your team for the week, you will face another team.

SCORING: Scoring is determined by the number of points you collect from each of your players. Points are earned according to the yards run, catches, and touchdowns made on game day.

Joining the League

There are currently 20 million people that play fantasy football every fall in the United States. Because of this, the odds are good that someone you know is already playing. Because of this, it is easy to strike up a conversation with almost everyone you know about fantasy football. Just like regular football, there is typically plenty to talk about; players, coaches, teams, plays, all are worthwhile topics to choose from. It is important to remember that fantasy football is more than just an online game to win money, most of the reason people join is for the social aspect of it. For instance, once you are part of the league and have your own draft of players, you can talk to others about your picks and how they have been performing.

The Art of Drafting

Drafting your players is one of the most serious aspects of the game. You have to choose players that you know will perform well and score you the optimal amount of points. Drafting is also your best chance to show off your knowledge-base on players, teams, and scouting skills. Unlike the real-life NFL draft, online drafting leagues use either a random draft order or a “snake” style of picks; this means that the last team to pick in the first round, goes first the second round.
When you pick players, you want to make sure you choose a healthy group of high-performing players. So, you can choose to draft only the most well-known players, such as quarterbacks, or you can choose a diverse crew of running backs, quarterbacks, and lesser-known players with potential. Choosing unpopular, but talented players are called “sleeper picks,” which can add value to your draft picks. When you are drafting, you need to ensure that you have all the positions accounted for, as well as backups if you have a player that is injured.
But, drafting is only the tip of the iceberg! Once you have your players, you need to check on the games the real-life players are playing. Any good fan will know that the NFL is an unpredictable game, especially when it comes to injuries. Key players in your draft can, unfortunately, have injuries that leave them benched for the season. Because of this, you want to make sure you keep up with all of your players and make sure that only your healthy players are placed in your lineup each week.

A History: Where Did Fantasy Football Come From?

So, now that you know how to play fantasy football, where does the game come from?

The league originally started in 1963 by Wilfred Winkenbach, Bill Tunnel, and Scotty Stirling. Together, these men created their own game for picking players from their favorite football teams. By using this game amongst themselves, they would be able to put money down, and the person with the most points would “win the pot.” The inaugural league was called the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League (GOPPPL) and consisted only of eight members. The original players of this game were either affiliates of the AFL or pro football journalists. However, as the game became more popular, the number of people that were allowed to play in the league grew significantly.
In 1985, The Grandstand Sports Services launched a national fantasy football league online, which made it the first company to offer automated drafting and scoring to team owners (players).
It was not until 1997, that the trend of fantasy football picked up in popularity. CBS eventually launched its own free fantasy football website. In just three years, all major sports media websites began their own form of fantasy leagues. In 2010, the NFL launched their own official fantasy league, which only drove competition among league websites even higher.

Legal Implications

The Fantasy Football Franchise has seen many legal implications. For one, the league can be played by drafting players for their popularity, or by their statistical probability to succeed. Through running analytics on player performance, real-life team owners can choose players for their teams. There have been questions of whether using analytics is a fair way to choose players for both real and fantasy football leagues.
Also, the fantasy leagues were under fire due to the fact that they legalize gambling. According to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, fantasy football is only legal because people are betting on the outcome of a single game or player. And, because there are multiple players, the fantasy league is based on a game of skill to pick the best players. Since the game is recognized to be a game of skill, rather than chance, it is not considered gambling.

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